Lose 4 kg Weight in Just 3 Days | American Military Diet Plan


American Military Diet plan is getting quite popular these days for fast weight loss in no time. It is claimed that by adopting this diet plan for only 3 days in a week and you can lose up to 4 kg. What is military diet?

What is American Military Diet Plan?

This diet plan has been prepared by Army Dietician for American Military Soldiers. There are three days of the week to follow the restricted diet plan. Healthy food is eaten for the remaining 4 days. It can be followed till the goal of weight loss is completed.

Why is American Military Diet Plan So Powerful?

American Military Diet Plan 4

This is a very low-calorie diet plan. Therefore, when it comes to following, calorie consumption suddenly decreases rapidly in weight loss.

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According to Indian references, there are some changes in American Military Diet Plan:

Since this is an American diet plan. That’s why food mansions like tuna fish and grapefruit. Dainik Bhaskar talked to senior dietician Amita Singh about how Indian can follow this. She gave some Indian options of these foods, such as 3 to 4 walnuts, 10 almonds or one teaspoon linseed seed instead of tuna fish.

First Day Approximate: 1400 calories


American Military Diet Plan

one toast slice and 2 spoon peanut butter, half grapefruit, half cup coffee or tea


one slice toast, half cup tuna fish and one cup coffee or tea


One small bowl cheez, one cup green vegetable, one small apple, one banana, one cup vanilla ice cream

Second Day Approximate: 1200 Calories


American Military Diet Plan 4

One toast slice, one hard boiled egg, half banana, one cup coffee or tea


one hard boiled egg, one cup cottage cheez, 5 saltine crackers, one cup coffee or tea


two hot dogs without the bun, half cup carrot, and half cup broccoli, half banana, half cup vanilla ice cream

Third Day Approximate: 1100 Calories


American Military Diet Plan 7

one sliced shedder cheez, 5 staline crackers, one small apple, one cup coffee or tea


one slice toast, one egg, one cup coffee or tea


one cup tuna fish, half banana, one cup vanilla ice cream


  • Remaining 4 days trying to take healthy food and calorie should be less than 1500
  • During your American Millitry Diet Plan take lots of water and don’t touch any cold drinks, artificial sweeteners
  • During Diet plan drink green tea without sugar and you can also drink coconut water.

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