Best Instagram Troll


Best Instagram Troll

This guy trolls Hollywood celebrities in the best way anyone could. It’s the best Instagram troll ever.

The guy named Lorenz Valentino is trolling the celebrities on Instagram by photoshop.

Exactly when you thought you’ve seen all that there is to see on the universally adored photograph sharing application, Instagram, in strolls Lorenz Valentino, dressed sharp as a blade in a full-body dinosaur suit that is specially designed for grown-ups. Befuddled?

Lorenz Valentino is our present most loved individual to take after on Instagram for the basic reason that he’s out and out amusing. Model and performer, Valentino has been known to keep up an Instagram sustain loaded with his photos posturing with famous people. Just, he isn’t acting like much as he is trolling, yet in a somewhat innocuous and fun way.



TWIIIIINNNNSSSS?!?!? @beyonce ???? #desperate #helip #dinolicious #fundme #impregnant

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When you know you got the moves ?❤ @taylorswift #love #dancing #dancingqueen #dinolicious #tension #tzzz

A post shared by Lorenz Valentino (@lorenzvalentino) on



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