Dhinchak Pooja is back again with her new song to destroy the humanity. She has a weird talent and has taken the internet by storm. Who knew that it doesn’t require one to be a professional singer to be able to earn well and get the fame in just matter of time.

Dhinchak-Pooja, dhinchak pooja songs,

Dhinchak Pooja sings anything she wants and still, she has a huge fan following. Don’t know where she comes up with these lyrics, “Bapu De De Thoda cash”. If a Bollywood singer or any know good singer comes up with this tagline then he can make a good song but Dhinchak pooja can ruin a good song too, and this one is her own, so you can imagine the power of Dhinchak pooja

After listening to this song by Dhinchak Pooja, you are sure to go in a state of shock. God knows what made her strike again with this terrorizing song, which is no less than a disease

No doubt, many of you might find this to be too funny, but in reality, it’s way too irritating.

These days, people start following anything they want to and this gives guts to people like Dhinchak Pooja to come up with irritable numbers every now and then.

If you too want to go into the mental trauma mode, here’s that song for you…

Did you have a good “Irritating” session now? Would you like to hear it on repeat more?? Obviously, NO! Take revenge by tagging the most-hated person in this post.


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