What happens when an engineer trying to give his own “supari” to a local gangster Chilam Supari, but Chilam Supari refuse. what happens next watch and enjoy
#ChilamBhai #IlyasTunda

2 BHAI – S01E01 – Engineer Ki Suicide

Written by: Anand Solanki
Co-Written by: Nikhil Chhetri, Yogesh Solanki
Directed by: Anand Solanki
Chilam Bhai: Yogesh
Ilyas Tunda: Anand
Suicider Guy (Roman): Himanshu Durga
Gangster 1: Hemant (Bad Acting)
Gangster 2: Arvind

Want to see Chilam Supari Bhai And Ilyas Tunda in Action:-

ANJAAN CHOR | VINE | Feat-Awanish Singh with Chilam Bhai

Different Types of Bhikhari (Beggars) ???????

Video City Live 2 BHAI | S01E01 – Engineer Ki Suicide

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