Get Your Fitness on 5 Plank Workouts to Try


Staying fit at all times is strongly recommended for everyone. But fitness enthusiasts and athletes work harder than other people. Additionally, those who want to achieve specific fitness goals also put more effort into their workout routines. Choosing the right exercises is equally important.

Planks are easy to do at home yet very effective for the entire body. The good thing is you can try any type of plank from the large variety depending on what you want to achieve in the end. Here are the best planks you can do anywhere with ease.

Standard Planks

This is also called the forearm plank. Its main purpose is to work out the arms, chest and core. The starting position is the plank position with your elbow as the pivot and at 90 degrees. Put your legs apart for the best support before you start the action. Now, raise the body up by using your palm as the pivot and hold for some seconds before alternating to the other side. Repeat this several times for the best results.

Side Planks

The side plank is a modification of the forearm plank with the aim of improving the abs and burning tummy fat. You will start with the standard plank but bring the body on its side so that your palm is pressing on the ground. You can use a mat for support. Raise the other arm into the sky for better balance. As you lower the body, you use your elbow as the support and feel your abs and core muscles tighten.

Twisting Knee Planks

It is important to involve your lower body in the planks that you complete. Start with the standard plank position, but this time you should twist one leg and pull the knee as close as possible to your face while the other one remains in position. Hold for a few seconds in this position or until you feel the glutes and hamstrings stretch. Repeat the same for the other leg. These exercises will further boost the effects of steroids that you have just purchased from if you are a dedicated weightlifter.

On the Ball Planks

You can now modify the plank so that you will complete it with your legs raised on an exercise ball. The main idea is to kill the monotony of the standard plank as this has the same effect. Make sure that you can balance the ball with your legs perfectly to avoid any accidents especially when you are holding yourself in position. It is better to do this kind of plank when you have a trainer to assist you.

Dolphin Planks

Most of us know how dolphins swim, and this plank exercise imitates that. Its aim is to help the back, which we have not worked out so far. So, this is the perfect exercise to vary the session. The starting point is a standard forearm position, but you will raise the hips and buttocks high in the air. Then, proceed with the normal planks for some minutes before calling it a day.


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