This Girl Sold Her Virginity In 16 Crores


Aleexandra Khefren of Romania has done a deal with her virginity from a businessman. The Hong Kong businessman paid about 16 crores for the Aleexandra Khefren’s virginity. Caffeine takes that step because of her family house, it is in debt and that’s why she announced to sell virginity, which was a lot of ruckuses.

Aleexandra Khefren

Khefren, 18, who lives in Bucharest, has a deal with a German-based Cinderella escort agency. The name of Hong Kong businessman who has paid hundreds of crores for the virginity has not yet been exposed. This AkronAleexandra Khefren agency runs Jane Jacobowski, 26, from Dortmund City.

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Aleexandra Khefren

However, Jane had previously denied the offer of any such type of centralistic service. In November last year, Aleexandra Khefren surprised everyone by his statement of Virginity auctioning. Caffeine had priced £ 8 million (seven million) to sell his virginity.

Aleexandra Khefren

This girls is so beautiful, right? well how you paid for her virginity comment down below and let her know what she deserve from you and for more information and news and latest trends like this subscribe our website


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