Man Divorces Wife After Taking Closer Look At Photo He Took of Her


A controversial story that’s made its way around the Web for the past few months. is one that’ll send shivers down your spine… and most likely have you looking closer at every photo you’ve ever taken. A husband, after being away for 20 days, took a seemingly innocent photo of his wife.

man Divorces his wife after seen this photo

After coming home from being away for 20 days, he took this photo of his wife.

How about now?

man Divorces his wife after seen this photo

Now You can guess the reaction of her husband after seen this photo closely. A man, whom the wife was cheating with, was hiding under the bed the entire time

man Divorces his wife after seen this photo

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Husband immediately filed for divorce.

Update: After this story, The photo has been around for more than a decade with multiple stories linked to it. There is no proof that it’s not true or that the photo was manipulated, but there’s no proof that it’s true either. It can be some prank, but who knows.


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