Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazi Summer Camp”

The US government is channeling financial support, weapons, and training to a Neo-Nazi entity –which is part of The Ukraine National Guard– The Azov Battalion (Батальйон Азов). Canada and Britain have confirmed that they also are providing support to the National Guard.
Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine

The Azov Battalion which “officially” displays the Nazi SS emblem is described by the Kiev regime as “a volunteer battalion of territorial defense”. It’s a National Guard battalion under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the equivalent of America’s Homeland Security.

Officially based in Berdyaev on the Sea of Azov, the Azov battalion was formed by the regime to fight the opposition insurgency in the Donbass region. (Eastern and Southern Ukraine).

Military Training of Young Children to fight the Russians

The Azov battalion is not only involved in para-military operations in Eastern Ukraine. According to reports including the Kyiv Post (Ukraine mainstream media), it is running a Summer Camp military training project for young children as part of its broader training and indoctrination program.

According to RT:

“The camp was established to show the children that there are things in life besides school and mobile devices and to “give them our love,” Oleksii, a platoon commander in the Azov battalion and instructor at the camp, told Ukrainian ICTV channel. “One has to be strong; has to be courageous to defend the territorial integrity of our motherland,” he added.” (RT report)

Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine

Western media sources (quoted by the Kyiv Post) confirm that children as young as six years old are participating in the Azov Summer Camp located in the Vodytsya district outside Kyiv.

The Kyiv Post –which blames the Western media for its biased coverage– nonetheless acknowledges the diabolical nature of the military training project:

This particular camp is run by the Azov Battalion founded by lawmaker Andriy Biletsky, its former commander. Located in the wooded area of Kyiv’s Pushcha Vodytsya district, kids at this summer camp aren’t just playing soldiers – they’re getting real military training from soldiers who have fought on the front line in Russia’s war against Ukraine.


Recruitment of Child Soldiers For Military Training

The Summer Camp training program constitutes the first stage of the recruitment of child soldiers in derogation of international law.

Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine

Invariably, the recruitment of child soldiers implies a training program which familiarize young children with the use of light automatic weapons.

The military trainers are part of the Azov paramilitary dispatched to the Summer Camp.


The Kyiv Post article describes in detail the nature of the “Neo-Nazi Summer Camp”. What the reports confirm is that an entity under the jurisdiction of Ukraine’s National Guard (financed by the Ukraine Ministry of internal Affairs) is training and indoctrinating small children in the art of warfare:




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