Mom Look So Young, When She Come Out With His 22 Year Old Son, People Thinks Her as His Girlfriend


If you thinking that long-age is just a myth, then you are wrong. China’s 50-year-old Liu Yelin is the living proof of this fact, that she still looks less than half of its age.

Liu has a 22-year-old son and whenever he comes out with her mom, then people consider her as his girlfriends.

It is common for the wrinkles on the face to come at the age of 50, and even after making tons of efforts in the body, it is common to be uneven. But Liu is not at all like that.

Whenever she tells someone his real age, then people do not believe in the first place and then when they believe, they fall behind to know the secret of her age.

So what is the secret of Liu’s Evergreen youth? Liu himself tells that he regularly exercises for the past three decades. Swimming is her favorite exercise. They regularly swim in the lake.

Liu is so fond of Swimming that she has crossed the Yangtze river of China and the Han River of South Korea. In the last year, she alone crosses the distance of Strait of Malacca, located 37 miles from Penang coast of Malaysia, in just four hours.

Liu says, “If you think that you do not look good, it means that you do not sweat enough.”


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