OMG: Bill Gates Predictions Have Been True


Bill Gates is the world’s richest man. There are also largest donors. But do you know that they are also prophets? And that is not such a prediction, most of the predictions of Bill Gates have proved to be true. Do not be surprised to read this. Gates is not the person to predict on the basis of the letters and the planets and constellations. In 1999, he had estimated about 15 futures in his book ‘Business @ The Speed Of Thought‘ which has almost become true. Although Bill Gates did not name the smartphone, Apple Watch, Google Personal Assistant, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Freelance Websites etc., because they came into existence after 1999, but Gates’s predictions are clearly described. Let’s Know 15 True Bill Gates Predictions.

These 15 Bill Gates Predictions Have Been True

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1. Price Comparison Sites
Gates’ Prediction – Website of Price Comparison will be created. People who will be able to compare prices on multiple websites. This will help people to buy the cheapest products.
Today, Gates’s prediction has been proved right, and today you can see different prices of the product by comparing prices of any product on Google or Amazon etc.
2. Mobile Device
Gates Prediction- People will have a small device that will help them connect with people around the world. People will be able to get information from news and flight information on that small device. And that is one of the Bill Gates Predictions.
Today – smartphones and smartwatch are doing this work very well.
3. Better Healthcare with Instant Payments and Websites
Gates’ Prediction – People will be able to make bill payments through the internet. Not only this, doctors will be able to get information and advice about diseases on the Internet.
Today, technology has not been able to deliver its best in healthcare, but on the Internet, some sites like ZocDoc are available that help doctors find and fix their appointments with them. With the help of technology, you can get the online loan. Sites such as PayPal and Venmo have made life easier by offering online bill payment.
4. Personal Assistants
Gates Prediction – Personal Assistant devices that will sync all your devices smartly together Whether they are in the office or at home Not only this, they will also facilitate the exchange of data.This is one of the Bill Gates Predictions.
Several smart devices such as Nest-Nest are available in the market, which collects information from your routine and adjusts your home temperature automatically. Explain that Google is also working on making such devices.
5. Online Home Monitoring
Gates’ Prediction – Every time the house can be monitored through video. This is one of the Bill Gates Predictions.
Today- Dropcam Company makes a home surveillance camera that lets you keep an eye on your home for 24 hours.
6. Social Media

OMG: These Predictions Of Bill Gates Have Been True, bill gates predictions for the future, bill gates predictions, bill gates predictions 2025Gates’ Prediction – With the help of a private website, people will be able to talk to their friends or family sitting in any corner of the world. Today, social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are proving this prophecy of Gates to be true.

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7. Promotional offers
Gates’ Prediction – There will be software who will know when you are going to vacation or where you booked tickets. They will use this information to tell you where you will be giving information about the offers and activities in the place where you are going. Today – Travel websites like Expedia and Kayak give new deals based on the details of the previous purchase.

8. Live Sports Discussion Sites
Gates’ Prediction – In the future, people will also get such a service where you can also wait for participating in the contest while watching a live sports match.

Today – many such media sites offer these features. Also, you can comment real-time on twitter.

9. Smart Advertising
Gates Prediction – There will be devices in the future that will give you information on new offers and products by keeping in mind your shopping trend.

Today – This feature is available on almost all online advertising sites. Advertisers find out their personal interest from users’ click history.

10. While Watching TV

OMG: Bill Gates Predictions Have Been True, bill gates predictions for the future, bill gates predictions, bill gates predictions 2025Gates Prediction- Television broadcasters will also provide links to related websites when displaying a show or live program.

Today – Almost all the sports TV channels are given the names and links of many websites related to the show during a live match.

11. Online Discussions Board
Gates Prediction- There will be online centers in cities and countries where people will discuss issues related to the public such as politics, security and city planning.

Today- There is a comment section on almost all news websites where common people have their opinions on any issue and solve their problems through discussion.

12. Interest Based Online Sites
Gates’ Prediction – The online community will see your interest, not your location.

Today – There are many news sites and online community centers that are based on one topic. There are also some news sites that pick up the same issue and give news.

13. Project Management Software
Gates’s Prediction- Project Managers will be able to connect with interested people about their project on online sites to build their team.

Today- Such projects on the Internet are out of management software. With the help of this software, project managers can make their team online.

14. Online Recruiting
Gates Prediction- People searching for jobs can find online jobs.

Today, people can upload their bio-data on websites like LinkedIn and find jobs according to their interests and qualifications.

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15. Business Community Center
Gates’ Prediction – Companies can bid online for outsourcing to work or outsourcers to workers. As if a company wants to make a movie but does not set up for the movie, then the company can outsource it to a movie production house and get her work done.

Today – Today many big companies have developed software through which users can direct them and talk about projects and finalize deals.

We hope you all are satisfied by the given information. These all are the Bill Gates Predictions which told by Bill Gates. One more thing please SUBSCRIBE our website for more such type of information or updates. Thanks for staying with us.


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