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Over the past few days, the discussion of Sarahah App brings a revolution on social sites everywhere. People show his love, anger another feeling to each other without showing his identity. But there are some disadvantages of this app that has become a new medium of expression on social sites.

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Cyber Experts Talk About Sarahah App

According to a cyber expert, if someone sent threatening messages to someone through this app or used the wrong language then what can be done? There may be some consequences for this. There is a dire need to regulate it through law.

Troll and cyber bullying could not be controlled yet. In such a way, it would be a big challenge to stop crimes, rumors through this app.

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Your Personal Information Can Also Be Hacked By Sarahah App :

Cyber experts say that hacker can hack your personal information through this app and can be misused. Your information can be removed in this way:

1. When someone hack the IP address and E-mail of the user then the hacker got all personal information of the user.

2. User can get demand for ransom through Bitcoine.

3. This app has not been made by any company, how will rely on it. Your data may be sold tomorrow.

4. What will happen if the developer gives the feature to identify the ID of the user in future?

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What’s Sarahah App:

  • Sarahah App, who garnered headlines around the world, was created by Jainul Abedin of Saudi Arabia.
  • Sarahah App at the Play Store has joined the list of Top Four Trading App.
  • More than 50 lakh people have downloaded it from Google Play Store.
  • This app has been popular in more than 30 countries at this time.
  • This app was given the name Sarahah because it means ‘Honest’ in Arabic.
  • Now it is only available in English and Arabic.

Through this app, anyone can send messages without disclosing their identity to anyone who can be dangerous at any time because people can break their limits.

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