Scientists Predict Huge Earthquakes in 2018 Due to Slow Rotation of the Earth


Earthquakes are one of those natural disasters that have destroyed the world a lot over the ages. In fact, no other natural disaster has destroyed the world so much as earthquakes have done. This is because these cannot be predicted ahead of time. These have always stricken the Earth without any warning. Now, the scientists have predicted that 2018 will prove the worse year because of a lot of earthquakes during this year. They are considering that the slow rotation movement of the Earth will be one of the major reasons.

Here, it is important to mention that there is no mechanism to predict the earthquakes before time. The scientists predict these only through past seismic records. The geophysicists note some important patterns under the surface of the Earth. The change in these patterns over the period of time enables them to predict earthquakes.

Last week, the scientists reported that there might be more earthquakes in 2018 due to the slow rotation movement of the earth along its axis. This report has raised many concerns about the people living in earthquake-prone regions all across the globe. The scientists have shown a close relation between the rotation of the Earth and the spike in Earthquakes. They have derived this relation after the research of more than hundred years.

The scientists and geophysicists at the University of Colorado say that if the frequency of earthquakes increased, the scientists would become able to predict it before time. The scientists have also said that certain factors influence the chances of earthquakes taking place in a given time. Those factors are still unknown to us all.

Many scientists and geophysicists do not believe in this co-relation between the slow rotation of earth and increase in earthquakes. The time will decide who is right and who is wrong.


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