{Shocking} Top 10 Strange Facts About Ramayana


1) The Ramayan consists of 24,000 verses in seven sections and 500 cantos. Incidentally, the first letter of every 1000 verses (total 24) makes the Gayatri mantra.

2) Ravan broke his arm to construct a musical instrument to sing songs of praise for Bhagwan Shiv. It was called the Ravan Hatta.

3) The young brother of Ram, Lakshman is an incarnation of Sheshnaag or Adi Shesha.
Laxman never slept during the Ram’s exile. He is also known as Gudakesh, meaning, the one who has defeated “sleep”.

4) Laxman killed three sons of Ravan. While his killing of Meghnaad is more popular, other sons of Ravan were Prahast and Atikay.

5) Laxmanrekha incident is not mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayana. This is mentioned by Mandodri in Lanka kand in Ramcharitamanas.

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6) Bhagwan Ram left this earth by taking the Jal Samadhi in Sarayu river. Kewat Prasang also happened here.

7) Laxman’s wife was Urmila. Urmila slept, non-stop for 14 years, both his and her shares of sleep so that Laxman remained awake protecting Ram and Sita. She slept for the whole period of exile (14 years) and only woke up when Laxman returned to Ayodhya.

8) Vali had defeated Ravan as well. Once Ravana called Vali for a fight. He took Ravan in his tail and took him around all the world. Humbled, Ravana called for a truce.

9) Hanuman also defied Sun from rising before time as it would have killed Laxman. In a way slowing the rotation of earth and Sun’s revolution.

10) Hanuman was also shot by Bharat while flying over Ayodhya. Hanuman accepted the arrow as Bhagwan Ram was written over it. Since he was shot in a leg, he had a limp for some time.

11) Shatrughan is the incarnation of Vishnu’s conch.

12) Bharat is an incarnation of the Sudarshana Chakra, the most famous of Vishnu’s Panchayudhas.

13) Ravan’s grandfather was Pulastya, one of the seven great sages or Saptarishis. His father was himself a great sage Vishrava.

14) Vishrava was the father of Kuber. Thus Ravan was the half-brother of Kuber. Arrogant

15) Ravan conquered Sri Lanka from Kuber and became the King of Lanka.

16) Ravan was also an excellent Veena player and the sign of his flag had a picture of Veena on it.

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17) Ram and Laxman were abducted by Ahiravan. Ahiravan was the brother of Ravan and king of Paatal (netherworld). The two brothers were saved by Hanuman. Even today there are many tunnels found by archaeologists the world over, whose depth is immeasurable, they are inferred as the pathways to Paatal Lok.

18) Ahiravan and Mahiravan were very brave and skilled Asuras. Hanuman had to take the Panchroopi form to kill Ahiravan and Mahiravan.

19) Sita remained with Agni when Ravan abducted her. When Ravan came to kidnap mother Sita and she saw him, she took shelter of Agni. The fire-god covered the body of mother Sita, and in this way, she was protected from the hands of Ravan. The fire-god, Agni, took away the real Sita and brought her to the place of Parvati, goddess Durga. An illusory form of mother Sita was then delivered to Ravan. The original Sita went to the abode of the fire-god. During Agnipariksha, illusory Sita entered the fire. At that time Agni brought the original Sita from his abode and arranged her meeting with Bhagwan Ramachandra. Some Sages inform that Uttar Kand did happen and Agni Pariksha was purposely organized so that original Sita can remain with Bhagwan Ram in Ayodhya.

20) Following Ram, all his brothers left this world by taking Jal samadhi in Sarayu river. The Jal Samadhi ends the Vishnu Leela in Tretayug. Samadhi is the only medium to travel to different planes and dimensions.


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