Social Media ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ Urges Teens To Commit Suicide


A 14-year-old’s suicide in Mumbai is being speculated as the first instance of death due to an online suicide game in India. The name of the app is Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale and it is giving nightmares to parents across the globe.

blue whale challenge

What makes this game so deadly? How does a mere game convince a person to take their own lives? Experts believe that the answer lies in lifestyle and lack of positive human interaction.

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The friends of the 14-year boy said that internet game is the cause of his death. Before his death, he was playing Blue whale challenge game. There are 50 levels in the game for 50 days of the period. Each level gives a task to complete in real life and then you have to send a picture of that task to the other member of the games. The boy was on the 50th level and on the 50th level you have to end your life.

blue whale challenge

While the Meghwadi police have registered an accidental death report (ADR) and are probing further to find the reason behind the suicide, according to this report, Mumbai Police officials say that the boy is believed to have been addicted to an online game known as “Blue Whale” – a challenge-based underground game that brainwashes people into committing suicide.

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