It’s viral! Bahubali Reaches NBA Basketball Game in Florida [VIDEO]


If you thought the craze over Bahubali is over, then you’re wrong. The fad of the April release, which recorded some jaw-dropping box office collections in India and worldwide, refuses to die down and this new video is a proof.

A video from an NBA match in Florida has emerged online to show that it is not only Indians who are obsessed with the movie but NRIs also cannot get over it yet. In a video shared on Facebook by NBA, girls and boys are seen dressed in Indian attire dancing to the tunes of Saahore Bahubali and it has taken the internet by storm.


The footage was shared by the official NBA Facebook handle with the caption: “Orlando gets treated to some CRAZY DESI VIBES!” and has got over 7.42 lakh views on Facebook. The young group has been identified as the winners of Bollywood Magic, Top Naach.

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In the clip, the teenage girls are decked up in gorgeous yellow lehengas, paired with bright glittery cholis and their hair tied up into buns. Adorning their hair with flowers and traditional Indian jewellery, the girls brought the house the latkas, jhatkas, and thumkas.

Their grooves not only got the audience in the sports stadium talking but everyone on the internet also couldn’t stop raving about it. Viewers in the comments section were all praise about the team.

This isn’t the first time the movie garnered such craze. Recently, a man tried to replicate a Baahubali stunt scene involving an elephant but failed miserably. However, the video went viral and was the topic of discussion for days.

SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali series took the Indian film industry by a storm. After Bahubali: The Beginning was released in 2015, Bahubali: The Conclusion was grander and crossed the language barriers as it earned fans from all parts of the country and world.

Both the movies have been made over the course of five years and are among the most expensive movies made in Indian cinema.


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