Who Is Behind Braid Chopping Incidents


Who Is Behind Braid Chopping Incidents?

GURGAON – At minimum 15 occurrences of ladies’ twists being strangely slashed off have been accounted for from the towns of the Mewat district in most recent two weeks, police said on Sunday. Who Is Behind Braid Chopping Incidents?

To manage the rising trepidation caused by these occurrences, ladies have been made a request to tie their hair in buns rather than twists.

Living under a sorry excuse for fear, ladies are wandering outside to get water and feed just in extensive gatherings and watch parties have additionally been shaped to seize those mindful.

These incidents are increasing day by day. There is no clue who is behind these braid chopping incidences.

But here is a parody news video on these incidents.


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