Woman Who has Most Beautiful Buttocks in China


The woman who has the most beautiful buttocks in China says she cannot wear tights in public or she’ll be mobbed.

Life is not always easy for a woman with the curvy body according to the champion of the most beautiful buttocks contest in China. Gao Qian, 19, who stunned the judge with her shapely rear, confessed that she couldn’t wear tights on the street because ‘people would surround me and point at my backside.

most beautiful buttocks in china

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The part time personal trainer said that she could not wear leggings also because “people would surround me and point at my backside. She also told how was left feeling awkward when she saw a couple arguing after the boyfriend remarked on her eye popping curves.

most beautiful buttocks in china

The brunette beauty wowed judges with her toned backside at the Beautiful buttocks contest in Shenyang after sticking to a grueling workout regime. Gao, Who is 5ft 7in (170cm) and weighs 60kg, revealed how she would spend 6 hours per day in the gym to train for the contest She did thousand of the square and lunges to ensure she was in the best shape of her life.

She insisted she was all natural and claimed she has never had a bottom implant. Despite China being a conservative country, Gao said her family supported her decision to enter the contest.

most beautiful buttocks in china

The 19 Year, who is proud of her natural buttocks, believes Kim Kardashian is the one celebrity with one celebrity with a perfect figure because of her curvy bum tiny waist

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She revealed that the organizer is planning to host another grand final later in the year with the national stadium the bird’s nest to be the venue, although details are yet to be finalized


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